An idea for a fabric swap? Anyone interested?

Mmmm, I am toying with the idea of a fabric swap and am looking for a bit of feedback to see if anyone would be interested. I am hoping that it might encourage people to create something or perhaps a mini quilt which could be entered into the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in August this year.  For more details see here

The way it would work would be to leave a comment on my blog, and then email me with your name, address, perhaps your website or blog if you have one. I would partner you up with someone to swap with and then you could post your scraps to each other, make a small fabric panel and share how you got on.  You could even enter it into the competition for the Festival of Quilts! (not compulsory).  Equally you could make anything you wanted from the scraps and still share how you got on.

I still need to figure out some of the details (rules about quality of fabric, size of scraps etc), but leave a comment if you think it might be something that interests you and if I get enough interest,  I will start the process going!


  1. I'm interested in this idea too.

  2. Great idea, I'm in! Everyone enjoys a good old 'parcel swap' of some description. Check out Very Berry's Blog for some ideas for your swap. If you do organise one I will be more than happy to Blog and Tweet about it. ;)

  3. Yes please sounds fab... I will also block you a hat to work from x


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