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Sorry, I know I jump about a bit with my topics at time - its just the way my head works - but just reflecting on my experience of the Freedom Exhibition at the Needle Forge Mill Museum and considering the winning piece - I don't have a picture of it unfortunately as the one I took was blurred. But I imagine the Mill will have pictures on their website soon - see link - http://www.forgemill.org.uk/

The winner was Donna Rumble Smith - who has recently completed her MA at Nottingham. Her piece was made using a multi head embroidery machine, monofilament and cottons, to create a stitched panel of text in white, which had been created as an installation within the actual mill itself, rather than being hung in the gallery space. It worked extremely well within the space and I can see why it was chosen as the winning piece. Donna had visited the museum to approach them about making an installation which I think is an extremely clever and professional way of approaching a competition and something I can learn from as I start my own MA at Manchester.
All the work was very professional and we all won something in terms of an opportunity to exhibit and have a master class workshop with Alice Kettle. It was extremely interesting to see the diversity of the work and each individuals interpretation of 'Freedom'. I would recommend entering competitions, as you never know who you will meet, what will come of it, or what you will learn along the way.


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