New Workshop Signage

We have been wanting to sort out our workshop front for ages, but with a house renovation to do first, this has been waiting until we had time to give it some proper attention.My workshop and studio is based in an old Ginger Beer Factory - its had a few additions over the years, including a large window which I think must have been done in the 60's so its a bit of an eclectic mix and was a challenge to decide what would work as signage.
It had to be called the Ginger Beer Factory - its a creative space as well as my studio and home to Rita my Riso machine, so that was the starting point for the design.
We used Leek Signs, a local company who had been recommended, and so I sent off the design and they got started.  My partner, Andrew sprayed the letters once they had been cut and then Leek Signs pulled everything else together.

I was so nervous on the day that they came to fit the sign, bit it went up with no problem, and we have had a frosted film added, to create a peep hole which a…

Print Peeps Interview with Comfy Marmalade

1. Tell us a bit about your business - what do you do?  I'm Karen Douglas, a digital illustrator and newbie surface designer; my business is Comfy Marmalade and I design colourful, retro-inspired and eco-friendly cards, prints, calendars and stickers. I launched CM in late 2018 following a somewhat chequered career - theatrical stage manager, theatre press & marketing officer and town clerk! I've always been a creative person but I'd never considered digital illustration until a kind and generous friend gave me a crash course in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and lent me her old laptop to practice on. An opportunity arose for a much-needed career break which I jumped at; I used the time to hone my craft, develop a clutch of potentially good ideas and cobble together a basic business plan, and launched Comfy Marmalade with a ton of enthusiasm but no expectations of success. So far, so good!

2. What is your typical work day like and where do you do your design work?


Print Peeps Interview with Sarah Grateley

Yippee my first Print Peeps interview - so excited to introduce you to Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer Sarah Grateley and her work.  Sarah has very kindly agreed to answer my questions about her business as a freelancer - so if you want to find out more or your interested in getting into this type of work then check out her answers below.
Hi Sarah, tell us about your business, what do you do and why did you start up? I am a freelance illustrator/surface pattern designer and mural artist (and Mum to two lovely peeps!! Phew!). Based in Stafford, I studied Visual Communication at the UCE in Birmingham, specialising in my final year in Illustration and graduating in 1998.Since then I have been part time designing/illustrating for various commissions and studios, alongside working part time at the Shire Hall Art Gallery in Stafford. I was taught all about surface pattern and putting designs in repeat by Mary Jones Design Studio based in Stafford where I worked in house for many yea…

How I created my first video demo...

I have been thinking about and researching around how to video and create online demos for years, and for some reason kept putting it off.  Usually I pretty much throw myself into things, but to be honest it was the technology and editing of it all that had stopped me from getting on with it.  Plus I had made it into this huge task in my head.
So how did I get over it? And how did I end up looking this excited about it?

Here are my top three tips

1.  Get some help - once I stopped trying to figure it all out on my own and finding out places where I could get the information and help I needed it all became a lot easier. I signed up to an online course that taught me how to film and edit just using my iPhone and a tripod. I was lucky to happen across Xanthe Berkeley - who was running a short weeks course that set homework everyday.  I loved it - it was really easy to grasp and focused on making short videos to get into the swing of it - I highly recommend Xanthe's course. 
2. Keep it …

Do you need help with your creative business?

I am really excited to be able to tell you about my mentoring services to creatives who are feeling stuck with their business or their practice. 
"The best thing about working with Fiona (apart from her knowledge) is she is quite possibly one of the nicest people EVER!  She is warm approachable and gives you confidence in your abilities.  I would recommend Fiona to anyone without hesitation - in fact I rave about her all the time to everyone!"  Sarah from Hey Pear Website Design Whether you are just starting up your creative business or you’ve been operating for a while, sometimes we just need someone else to talk through our ideas with, to find focus and direction. You might be wanting to get more serious about the business side of being a creative, perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to do next, or maybe you are ready to make some changes and need help making a plan. I’ve been mentoring creatives both through my teaching at university and through my own…

New in the Studio this Month

Having not blogged for a while, I started to think about what would be good to share on here again.  So a bit of info about what's been happening in the studio this month.

I've been busy screen printing and making new colour ways and products this month.  Its been a funny time not being able to go out as much but this has definitely enabled me to spend more time in the studio and on my business too.

Here's a few of the new bits and bobs I've been working on.

My new limited edition screen prints - including the stripey jumper loving Miss Bumble.

She looks pretty happy here with one of my stackable kitty cats to keep her company

I've developed a new range of wooden screen printed flowers to go with my wooden vase range.  Really love playing with the colours and patterns on these.

Pink hair has been sooooo popular this month - I think everyone is needing some happy colours around at the moment.

And my new ornamental brooches that can sit in their matching stands when…

Creative Business Interview - Rebecca Brown - Ceramics and Drawings

I can't tell you how excited and pleased I was when Rebecca said that she would agree to be interviewed for the blog.  I really love Rebecca's work (I'm still regretting not buying a plate that had the most fabulous scruffy cat on it!)  and am sure you will love her work too.  She is a relatively new business and is, like many of us juggling it with other jobs. I'm also really pleased that we will be both exhibiting at Art& in York in October so I'll get chance to buy a plate and this time I won't be hesitating!

Be sure to go give her a follow over on Instagram here

1. Tell us a bit about your business?
I make decorative hand built and slip cast ceramics, combining drawing, painting and printmaking to build narrative on the surface.  It still feels as though I'm just starting out but I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Textile & Surface Design which was where I started working with ceramics.  I then wen on to study for a Masters in Illustration and …