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Pricing for Creatives

So last week I did a talk, on pricing of all things!  Me who really is no big fan of working with numbers - which is actually the main reason I decided to deliver a talk on numbers for creatives.

When I was asked if I had any ideas for a talk as part of the Factory Programme with the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, I started to think about what I would have liked to have known more about when I first graduated and started trying to sell my work.

I graduated 10 years ago, and now there is a tonne of information on the internet to help with getting your pricing right - just google it and you will find some good articles on it.  But I do think it is good to have a real person in front of you who has gone through the stuff you're trying to work out and hopefully motivate you to deal with the elements of your business that you find difficult.

It was no surprise to me when I asked the room of attendees to my talk - "who likes maths?" - that no one put their hand up.  Most o…

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