Monday, 19 April 2010

Book Titles

After my morning at the archive last week and through my collection of old books I had been playing with making up new stories based on snippets from old books and other ways of using the old texts because they have an interesting old type of language to them. We don't talk in that way any more and I suppose this is what interests me just as much as the aged covers and muted colours. Then I came across an artist called Nina Katchadourian who uses Book Titles to create a sort of poety as can be seen in the image below and see more on her website

The text is quite small, so in case you can't quite see it, the book titles read:

A Day at the Beach

The Bathers

Shark 1

Shark 2

Shark 3

Sudden Violence


It would be interesting to organise your book shelves in this way - I bet you could lose an hour or two - maybe there could be some coincidences to find in the library like this? Gives book binding a whole new meaning.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lovely short film by Angela Kohler

My lovely friend Carol Ann who is always passing on things for me to look at pointed me in the direction of this you tube clip on the blog 101 Bird Tales. It is actually written and directed by Angela Kohler - her website can be found here

This really strikes a chord with me as it is such a lovely form of story telling, imaginative and also about lost things - which I am currently collecting. Have a look you will love it! I am struggling with technicalities though to get the whole clip to view on my blog but if you double click on it the clip below it will take you to the full screen on you tube. And there was me being impressed that I had managed to embed a film clip : /

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Archive Bound

Spent a morning at the National Education Archive at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park , just wandering through the shelves and trying to examine what I like about being there. Started to ask myself what is on my mind when I visit the archive: anticipation and glee at being allowed in to examine these books and boxes of things that people have donated or loaned. I suppose there is a sense of being connected to the past that inspires my imagination.

Boxed up parcels, hand written labels in old faded inks, bundles of slim book volumes held together with string to stop any escaping. The packaging alone is enough for me, I almost don't need to see what is inside them. Rows and rows of books, old and worn, faded colours, barely held together sometimes.

Its a slightly surreal place to me, it feels like a secret place, even though appointments can be made to visit, the fact that I am alone makes me feel like a child - I can't believe my luck. This is similar to how I feel when I find a new objects to collect - that sense of being lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.

I am seduced by the books and boxes, the bindings, the labels, the wrappings, the fact they are encased makes them precious, fragile, almost out of reach, but not quite.

When I look at my found objects, I turn them over in my hands, feeling the surfaces, studying the marks on them, odd scribbles from past owners that often don't mean anything to me and yet I am still fascinated by them, I'm not sure why? I suppose I lose myself in them, they provide me with access to another world, another time - mini histories that I can explore.