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High Tide

I am branching out, or perhaps I should say sailing out, new work added to Etsy....

An Etsy Listing a Day

Well not quite every day, but I am endeavouring to get my etsy shop well stocked to give you some choice.  Detail from todays new piece ...

See the link to my etsy shop on the left of the page to see the whole piece.  Setting myself the challenge is defintely making me more productive - what challenges are you setting yourself at the moment?

An idea for a fabric swap? Anyone interested?

Mmmm, I am toying with the idea of a fabric swap and am looking for a bit of feedback to see if anyone would be interested. I am hoping that it might encourage people to create something or perhaps a mini quilt which could be entered into the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in August this year.  For more details see here

The way it would work would be to leave a comment on my blog, and then email me with your name, address, perhaps your website or blog if you have one. I would partner you up with someone to swap with and then you could post your scraps to each other, make a small fabric panel and share how you got on.  You could even enter it into the competition for the Festival of Quilts! (not compulsory).  Equally you could make anything you wanted from the scraps and still share how you got on.

I still need to figure out some of the details (rules about quality of fabric, size of scraps etc), bu…

A piece for Ann - New Works added to my Etsy Shop

I will be slowly but surely adding some of my small quilted and embroidered pieces to my Etsy Shop over the coming weeks, depends how quickly I can make some!  See the link to the right of the page if you get tempted.  First piece would be ideal for someone called Ann!

Luxury Stitch Day - who needs a spa!

Well I have had a lovely day of stitching in the studio, luxury I know, but everything now ready for the Clocktower Exhibition in Sheffield!  Few piccies for you...

A love affair with scrim

So maybe some of you are wondering why I am selling hand dyed scrim on etsy - well its because I love using it in my work and want you to be able to use it too.  The main way I use it is with my embellisher (which is a felting machine for those of you have never come across one - highly addictive once you have had a go, so be warned - but well worth the investment).

I tend to use it with dyed wool blanket or dyed wool felt - because of the lovely colours you get.  Some illustrations to show you what I mean.

Firstly I take a piece of my hand dyed scrim and a piece of blanket or felt

and place one on top of the other and embellish away. 

At this stage it doesn't look that exciting, but when you turn it over after you have embellished it, you get all these lovely little tufts, that almost look like loose stitches.

 Its a quick process and makes a great background to further decorate, either with stitch or by using the embellisher to add further layers to it - which I have done here with…