Friday, 24 July 2009

New Work

I am busy trying to get my work complete for the Freedom Competition being run by the Henry Foyle Trust. A few pictures below show the beginning of my sketch book for this. I suppose I am really using my sketch book this time as a way of sampling techniques as well as some sketching. I think this is helping me to translate my work into stitch more easily, if I use stitch as part of my drawing - even just to create backgrounds or to stitch over coloured pages. Trying not to reinvent the wheel (a favourite habit of mine) by continuing with my mapping and aerial photography as a starting point. In order to fulfill the brief set by the competition my work is based on the idea of a "freedom to roam", the marks we make as we go and the things I observe as I walk around.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Back from New Designers

Well, made it back on one piece (although a very tired piece) from New Designers, and had a great time and good response to my work! I have a few leads to follow up and I met some very nice people through the week. The exciting news is that I have been selected to be in the Graduate Showcase at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC from 20th - 23rd August. You can find out more about the exhibition on the Twisted Thread Website

Extremely excited about this and also very nervous about hanging up my work without the support of tutors and friends for the first time.

There was some really amazing work at New Designers, although I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the digitally printed papers and fabrics. Personally I find the majority of it lacks any real depth and I find it hard to get excited by the pattern. Although I have pattern in my work, I don't like to make pattern for the sake of it and much prefer screen printing by hand. The small errors and marks that are made when printing by hand, give it more personality and has an attachment to me as the maker or designer.

Our college stand (Bradford) looked great and stood out (perhaps partly due to their being very little digital work) and we had really positive comments from other colleges and the public. Its interesting that as students we often felt that we were missing out by not having a digital printer and a laser cutter, but in hindsight I am glad that this method of producing work has not been part of my course, until this last year. I wonder what effect the introduction of digitial and laser technology will have on Bradford's future graduates and I hope that the college keeps its hands on approach to textiles alongside it. Anyway - I am getting very serious and must now go do some work on my entry for the Henry Foyle Competition. I will upload some images soon of the work I have been doing.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Getting ready for New Designers!

Well, its nearly time to go down to New Designers in London - I am exhibiting with college in Week One which is open to the public from Thursday 9th July see link from previous post for more details. I am now very busy trying to pick imagery and get my portfolio ready. A selection of work from final year show and other pieces can be seen below.