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Stressy times

Oh how rubbish I have been at updating my blog recently - but I have been reading and reading and writing and writing for my first deadline for the MA. The penny has finally dropped a bit but it was all a bit too late - so although I have handed in the written bit - it certainly was not quite where I wanted it to be.

Anyway - cracking on with a bit more practical stuff over the next few days before the presentation next week, so will upload some images of that soon. Anything to escape the madness that is the eurovision singing contest!

Great news!

I am this years Embroiderers Guild Scholar!! Very excited as I will be attending the Knit and Stitch Shows this year. This will be keeping me very busy and out of trouble!

Absence and Loss

Ages ago I promised to post some images of my partners great grandmothers recipe book. I am currently studying some of my collected objects and documenting their characteristics in an effort to find out why I am so attached to them, even those that I do not have any family connection to. With the recipe book I feel that I am perhaps feeling a sense of loss for the way it is written, something as simple as the style of handwriting.

There is less of a focus on cultivating lovely hand writing now that we have computers as a way of presenting the written word in a neat and tidy way. My own handwriting is a rather unattractive spider like scrawl and I wish it was more like the images below.

Some of the pages have been ripped out and I wonder what was taken, what is absent from this collection of recipes and remedies and who took them. I seem to be trying to fill some sort of void, perhaps for things from my own family that have been lost, a loss of precious collections and memories.