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I have just finished reading a book by Jennifer Moon called Learning Journals and if I was focusing on the negative, it has made me realise how little real reflection I have been doing and makes me want to start writing my own journal from scratch. This is in part due to the fact that I should have really read this book before Christmas. However, having now read it, at least I can look back on what I have written and start analysing it in more depth.

I am beginning to discover that perhaps what attracts me to museums and to collections are the memories that they invoke. Although the objects in the museums are not mine, nor are the objects I have been collecting, the majority have not been passed down through my family, they seem to be part of a universal memory, a memory that we could all share in some way. I am sure some of these images I have been posting often remind others of objects they have known, even if they no longer own them.

My imagination seems to play an important role in …

Cabinets of Curiosity at the Manchester Museum

Continuing my research work for my MA, alongside my own growing collection of objects, I have been visiting various museums and archives. Last week I spent most of the day at Manchester Musuem, looking at their collection of stuffed animals. It is slightly strange being surrounded by such a large amount of real animals that aren't actually alive anymore, and I found my eyes playing tricks on me, seeing movements out of the corner of my eyes. Some of the animal are most peculiar, but it is this odd and spooky quality that attracts me to them.. Here are a few of my sketches from the day...

More Finds!

I have quite a few new finds as it has been a while since my last update, so here goes...

Its always nice when people discover what you are working on and start donating things, these lovely light meters were given to me by Alice, I love the leather cases they come in and also the designs are so appealing.

Other finds, are these fabulous collection of spectacles and their cases from my partners grandparents, we have had a good giggle trying these on!

These old magic lantern images on glass, have a very beautiful quality to them, skating races and family gatherings on the moors.

Finally, these old books have been my latest aquisition, found at my local second hand market, scrumptious, especially the one with the gold edging on the paper.

I have also recently discovered my partners great grandmothers recipe book, pictures of this coming soon....