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First Hurdle

Pleased to say that I have finished the last piece of written work for my MA!  A few more weeks before hanging the practical work up for assessment, but it feels great to have got one huge task complete.

I have some decisions to make about what to exhibit, but definitely feels like I am on the last leg of this journey. 

Excuses, excuses

Its been a busy time, trying to complete the final piece of written work for my Masters (nearly there), and squeeze in time to create work for Art in the Gardens in Sheffield.  All my excuses for not posting anything recently, but hopefully the state of my studio surfaces and drawers will show that I have not been sunning myself somewhere exotic (if only!).

Hope to see some of you in Sheffield at the weekend, come and say hello!

New Birds on the Blocks

So I have a few things coming up, but next is Art in the Gardens in Sheffield, you can find out more info here

I will have some of my new designs available ......

More colours and designs coming soon, hope to see some of you in Sheffield.

International Relations

I met the very lovely Viviane and Liliane from Belgium at my workshop at the Festival of Quilts, who has done a lovely write up of her visit here  Some great photos to see, so take a look.  Viviane also very kindly sent me some photos of the workshop.....

 Viviane's final piece - love the way she has attached the embroidered piece to her paper for mounting.

Me - talking with my hands as usual!
Liliane's piece - beautifully looped running stitch.
Thanks for sharing Viviane and hope to see you next year!

Festival of Quilts

Back from teaching at the Festival of Quilts with a brain full of ideas and inspiration after having seen some beautiful work.  Met some lovely people on my workshop and at my lecture.  My favourite exhibits are (quite rightly) the ones where you can't take photos, but here are the links if you didn't get chance to go, to some of my highlights.

Also the beautiful kantha quilting of Padmaja Krishnan - amazing tiny stitches of detail.

I had a great time and have to thank Dionne for giving me a lift and setting me up with accomodation while I was there.  :)

If you went along to the Festival of Quilts, let me know what your favourites were....

Arty Book

So, this was my entry into the Open Book Competition run by Bank Street Arts in Sheffield that I sent off last week.

Sent in the post - despite the Post Office's attempts to stop me (don's ask - grrrr).

Looking forward to seeing all the other entries at the exhibition.

Take it apart - make it into something new

The MA work continues, getting mean with my books.....

Too kind

Some lovely mentions this week, find them here and here with lots of other interesting things to find on these blogs too, worth a visit.

New Textile Techniques Evening Class

I have just written a new 6 week evening course for textiles.  Click on the tab at the top for more info.  Based in my studio, Huddersfield, it will run 6.30pm - 8.30pm on Tuesday evenings.  Chance to push your machine embroidery and more that bit further and to learn new skills.  Get in touch to book your place.

              Dissolvable fabrics                                                              Machine Embroidery

Are you interested in fabric?

Just a little reminder for anyone who is into fabric, textiles, printing, stitching, quilting etc that I will be visting the Festival of Quilts at the NEC from 11th - 14th August.  I am giving a talk on the last day that you can book onto (telling you a bit about my journey as a textiler and more about my design process).  For more info - check out the link and I hope to see some of you there...

I'm working on it

Just to let you know that I am planning some new workshops to begin after the summer.  I will be repeating some of my popular ones, just sorting out dates and there are some new ones in the pipeline, so keep coming back and I should have them all online by the end of the week.  An evening class may be a possibility so if this is something you may be interested in, drop me a line and let me know what sort of techniques you would like to learn about.

Best ideas

Often find that my best ideas come when I can't sleep.  (Or usually the day before a deadline!) Anyway, having been awake for a while, I have been reading in the spare room so as not disturb the rest of the household and came across one of my favourite books that has been hiding in one of my piles.  Its called Fingerprint by Chen Design Associations.  Link to it here on Amazon if you are interested

From one of the chapters

 "The hand gathers and secures otherwise scattered notions, infuses each printed page with a human presence and the painstaking care of craft.  Whether a structural necessity or an elegant embellishment, the finishing touch of a sewn thread or a wrapped package transforms everyday communication into gifts!"

Mary Kelly Exhibition

Unfortunately I missed the Mary Kelly Exhibtion at the Whitworth, but a few people have said I should seek out the exhibition catalogue and looking at these images on the internet I can see why.  Wish I had seen it ...

A tutorial with Alice Kettle

A lot of you stitchers out there will know who Alice Kettle is  and I was lucky enough to have a tutorial with her yesterday.  Alice has such a great way at phrasing things and had some great ideas to move forward with my ideas.  Finally decided that its good not to include words in my work, its more interesting when it is less explicit.  This doesn't mean I won't continue to use text and the letter press, just a slightly different approach.    I have another tutorial in about a months time with Alice - needless to say I am very exicited about it.