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Quietly Working

I have been a little quiet recently on my blog, as I have been busy quietly working, both teaching and making.  So I have a few events coming up, the first of which is Make in Devon, followed by The Art Market in Holmfirth and on the same weekend, The Headingley Arts Trail.  Although I can't make it down to Devon, I will be at the Headingley Arts Trail on Sat 12th Nov and at the Art Market in Holmfirth on Sunday 13th Nov, so I hope to see some of you there.  I have some new work to show, a little taster for you ....

Scaling Up

Finally managed to get my hands on some bigger pieces of wood to play with.......

Looking forward to creating something on a larger scale!  Oh and Radiant Works where my studio is has a revamped facebook page, so you can find out more about where I work and see some of the other artists and designers who work there - link here Radiant Works

Sadly Dionne Swift my studio neighbour has moved her studio to be closer to home, but happily she does have a lovely new studio, which you can see here Dionne (but we do miss her).

Putting on a Show

No, not the kind where you need tap dancing shoes and lots of make up, but last week was all about getting ready for the MA Show at MMU.

When I saw these tables in the cafe area of the Holden Gallery at MMU..

... I really wanted the opportunity to use them for the MA show.  Responding to a buidling or a place, rather than just locating a ready made piece in the exhibtion, seemed like a really good opportunity and one I didn't want to miss out on.

So I managed to get hold of some old encyclopedias that just happened to be the right size and got on with some serious book demolition.

 Sliced up pages transported and ready for installation
Building up the stacked papers 
One box down, another 15 to go..

Lovely reflections from the building in the glass
The work is on show at the Holden Gallery at Manchester Metropolitan University untill 4pm Thursday 6th October.

Assessed and Passed!!

Its been a journey, but I am pleased to say that I am now the proud owner of my MA Textiles from MMU!  A few more pics from my assessment.