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New work ready for Artsmix Market

Its been a hive of activity in the studio over the last few days, I have a lot of events coming in September, October and November, so trying to keep up to speed with it all. Sharon asked earlier what I was going to do with the scrim I dyed last week, so here it is now made into scrim and wool scarves ...
I have also developed some new concertina books with my print designs on them...

You can see them for real at the the art market at Castle Howard on Bank Holiday Monday, or at HOST in September.

Back from the Festival of Quilts

Well I had a lovely day yesterday walking round the Festival of Quilts - always something interesting to see. I promised a full picture of my quilt on my return so here it is...
No prizes for me, but was still great to see it exhibited. I think my work is maybe too far removed from what a quilt is expected to be, so may try a different technique for next year.

The Creative Habit - Twyla Tharp

Apart from the fact that she has a great name - Twyla Tharp's book 'The Creative Habit' is proving to be an inspiring read. Going through the MA and trying to establish myself as an artist and teacher has been a challenging last twelve months since graduating and whilst I am getting there, it is sometimes like 'pushing string uphill'. So having seen the book at Mum's house in the past I asked to borrow it. So I am working my way through it and found I couldn't put it down last night. I would highly recommend it and will keep blogging about my journey with it as there are exercises to do!! The questionnaire was very revealing... watch this space!

Shadow Applique

Well - I have always fancied a go at shadow applique and just never got round to trying it. Been having a bit of a creative block so thought I would try something new, so here are my efforts.

Quite pleased with the outcome, but need to find away to make the stitching at the end look nice and neat - any thoughts??

A Day of Dyeing

Thanks to Mum who spent the day dyeing scrim with me - we had a great day and made some beautiful colours.

Bit of printing

Well, after a few weeks of reading and thinking for the MA, I am back in the studio printing some backgrounds for work to be exhibited at Art in the Gardens in Sheffield. Details here

Just some simple screen printing with a stencil - ready for stitching onto. - Feels good to be getting my hands dirty :)

Maybe I am on to something

Feels like I may have gone full circle - but I may have the actual starting point for the next stage of the MA. I am going to document some family stories and objects from my Nana (or "The Nana" as she has become affectionately known) as a way to illustrate some of the themes I have been exploring. My Nana's side of the family were stationed at Holy Island as my great great Grandfather was the coastguard there - a man called Samuel Bone, who had so many children they lived in two cottages, one for the older children and one for Samuel and his wife and the younger ones. My great grandmother, Amy Bone, used to tell my Nana wonderful stories of escape huts from the tides, sailors being saved from rocks and coaches being stuck in the sands coming and going from Bamburgh Castle. I don't know - its just an inkling and I feel that I want to document these stories as otherwise they will be lost. Having given a brief outline to my tutor and having a positive response, I am r…

Sketchbook Project

After a tip from my friend Carol Ann - I have signed up for this ! How exciting - can't wait for my sketchbook to arrive.

You can find out more and sign up yourself here:


Mmmm, new find to add to my collection - this lovely old map that was used to calculate distances - full of rusty old pins - next piece of inspiration

Plus a stash of maps from my Dad which he used when working in sales and a couple of finds from the second hand market
Love the colours and lines on these, but particularly like this one where a bit of the map escapes the border