Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Maybe I am on to something

Feels like I may have gone full circle - but I may have the actual starting point for the next stage of the MA. I am going to document some family stories and objects from my Nana (or "The Nana" as she has become affectionately known) as a way to illustrate some of the themes I have been exploring. My Nana's side of the family were stationed at Holy Island as my great great Grandfather was the coastguard there - a man called Samuel Bone, who had so many children they lived in two cottages, one for the older children and one for Samuel and his wife and the younger ones. My great grandmother, Amy Bone, used to tell my Nana wonderful stories of escape huts from the tides, sailors being saved from rocks and coaches being stuck in the sands coming and going from Bamburgh Castle. I don't know - its just an inkling and I feel that I want to document these stories as otherwise they will be lost. Having given a brief outline to my tutor and having a positive response, I am really looking forward to spending some time with The Nana!


  1. Fiona, having visited the Holy Islands and done several trips by boat I am positive I have been told the story of Amy Bone, we went out in a small boat and they told us about the family who rescued people - actually the father and his daughter. I am wondering if it is the same story? How interesting - keep at it!

  2. Mmm, I think you are thinking of Grace Darling - I know other people in the past have thought the same, but its not her. Still interesting though, I wonder if she knew my Great Grandmother? :) x

  3. Maybe! I cannot remember the names. However its a very similar story and same area. It will be interesting when you find out more historyxxx (I cant wait)