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365 Prints - Day 63

Day 63 - Print Plate No.  63
Mount board, oil based inks, newsprint
Another shaped collagraph plate.

365 Prints - Day 62

Day 62 - Print Plate No.  62
Mount board, oil based inks, newsprint

A smaller plate that I then went on to join up with yesterday's plate. Sometimes I can't help but start to be figurative in my outcomes. The potential for new face shapes and characters is exciting and a possible way I might develop some of these prints.

365 Prints - Day 61

Day 61 - Print Plate 61.
Mount board,  oil based inks, newsprint

Trying out different shapes for collagraph print plate and putting it through the mangle press. Paper kept creasing but I don't mind that during this testing stage of the project.

Printed twice to layer up colours.

blocking out a bit I didn't like....

365 Prints - Day 60

Day 60 - Print Plate No.  60
Mount board, oil based inks, newsprint.

removing the top layer of the mount board in places to create this print plate.

365 Prints - Day 59

Day 59 - Print Plate No.  59
polystyrene, newsprint, oil based inks.

Plate made by pushing the end of a large paper clip into it....

365 Prints - Day 58

Day 58 - Print Plate No. 58
Card, oil based inks, polystyrene and paper.

Trying out a stencil today, inked up and put through my mangle press.

Here I have combined it with yesterday's plate.

365 Prints - Day 57

Day 57. Print Plate No. 57
Polystyrene,  oil based inks, newsprint.

I'm not too well today so getting this print up on my blog feels like a big achievement. :/

Simple idea for this print plate but I think it's pretty effective and would work well combined with other types of print plates.

So I've had a change of media today - trying out polystyrene for the print plate and using house hold objects to press into them to create marks. This plate was created by repeatedly pressing a USB stick into the polystyrene.

365 Prints - Day 56

Day 56 - Print Plate No. 56
Oil based Inks, Speedball Inks, Cartridge Paper, Acrylics

365 Prints - Day 55

Day 55 - Print Plate No. 55
Acrylics, Speedball Inks, Cartridge Paper

365 Prints - Day 54

Day 54 - Print Plate No. 54

Acrylics, Speedball Inks, Oil Based Inks, Cartridge Paper

365 Prints - Day 53

Day 53 - Print Plate No. 53
Speedball Inks, Acrylics, Cartridge Paper

Not one of my best.....

365 Prints - Day 52

Day 52 - Print Plate No. 52
Speedball Inks, Oil based Inks, Acrylics, Cartridge Paper, Monoprinted Papers

Layering up a bit more on the first image - using up more old monoprinted backgrounds - potential to develop these further

365 Prints - Day 51

Day 51 - Print Plate No. 51
Speedball Inks, Cartridge Paper, Acrylics