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Book Binding and Book Art

As part of the MA at Manchester I am lucky enough to be doing some workshops in book binding at the moment. I have always enjoyed making books since my tutor Hannah Lamb showed us in the first year of my BA course, so it is great to be picking it back up again and Manchester have a lovely workshop dedicated to it! The tutor gave us a link to the University of Bristol where you can download free newsletters on the subject - the link is here if you are interested

I have looked at this website in the past about a project called 1000 journals - see link - some lovely images of pages from sketchbooks, be warned - you can lose a morning browsing this website

I would share the book I made on Tuesday but the tutor took the work in! - which made me giggle :) When I get it back - I will post some photos.

Eva Hesse

Looking at mind maps as part of my MA course yesterday and Polly kindly suggested I look at the work of Eve Hesse - and Polly was right - it is rather wonderful. To see some of her work follow the link

I was fortunate enough to go to the Museum of Everything last weekend in London, to see the outsider art exhibition they currently have on - I could live in that exhibition - just how they displayed it was great - definitely worth a visit - see this link for info -
As I am currently trying to work out a plan for some new work , my mind map is extremely busy and too big to scan in - otherwise I would share it with you. However I think I am progressing, but no where near ready to start any practical work. I am on a real journey of self discovery - and am realising my loves and hates. I think I would really like to respond to a collection - perhaps within an archive or a museum. This would be a big change in direction for me…

A List of Stuff!

1. I am in this months issue of Embroidery Magazine! (See Nov/Dec copy)
2. I am going to the Knit and Stitch Show in Harrogate very soon - Bradford College have a stand so make sure you go have a look (some of my work will be up and also the third years are fund raising and I am off to support them)
3. I have hurt my back - boring info for you - and extremely boring for me! :(
4. I will miss my day at university this week due to No. 3. on this list, which I was particularly looking forward to as we had to take in/talk about our first textile memory.
5. My first textile memory is being measured for costumes when me and my sister used to do dancing as children and watching my mum, dad and auntie sewing them together.
6. My dad used to be a tailor (hence why he was involved in No 5.)
7. Mum says my first textile experience (which I don't remember) was demanding a go on the sewing machine when I was about 3. My feet wouldn't reach the pedal so I sat on her knee while she did the pedal a…