A List of Stuff!

1. I am in this months issue of Embroidery Magazine! (See Nov/Dec copy)
2. I am going to the Knit and Stitch Show in Harrogate very soon - Bradford College have a stand so make sure you go have a look (some of my work will be up and also the third years are fund raising and I am off to support them)
3. I have hurt my back - boring info for you - and extremely boring for me! :(
4. I will miss my day at university this week due to No. 3. on this list, which I was particularly looking forward to as we had to take in/talk about our first textile memory.
5. My first textile memory is being measured for costumes when me and my sister used to do dancing as children and watching my mum, dad and auntie sewing them together.
6. My dad used to be a tailor (hence why he was involved in No 5.)
7. Mum says my first textile experience (which I don't remember) was demanding a go on the sewing machine when I was about 3. My feet wouldn't reach the pedal so I sat on her knee while she did the pedal and helped me guide some fabric through - what a madam!
8. I will also miss the induction to pattern cutting this week.
9. I am very determined not to miss the induction into book binding next week!
10. Ooo and I graduated with all my year last week at Bradford - well done to everyone! and congratulations to those who couldn't make it.


  1. Congratulations Fiona on graduating and for being in Embroidery Mag. I did see, wonderful for you.
    I hope your back improves soon, v v annoying for you.

  2. How busy you are even though you are out of action! I saw the piece in Embroidery and was very proud of you - well done, everyone is thrilled!

    Hope you are feeling better soon, after your dramatic collapse at college! What a drama queen (only joking!).

  3. congratulations on your good successes and on your good memories

  4. Well done friend, so proud of all your achievements. Its been a great journey and lots more to come! Take it easy with your back, fancy giving us such a scare!
    Just had a lovely image of you sitting on your mum's knee with the sewing machine xx (don't think you can get away with it any longer though madam) love xxxx

  5. Oh no! I have had back problems since I was a teenager and I totally empathise with you! I hope you feel better soon ...

    Congratulations on your graduation :-)


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