Friday, 27 November 2009

Eva Hesse

Looking at mind maps as part of my MA course yesterday and Polly kindly suggested I look at the work of Eve Hesse - and Polly was right - it is rather wonderful. To see some of her work follow the link

I was fortunate enough to go to the Museum of Everything last weekend in London, to see the outsider art exhibition they currently have on - I could live in that exhibition - just how they displayed it was great - definitely worth a visit - see this link for info -

As I am currently trying to work out a plan for some new work , my mind map is extremely busy and too big to scan in - otherwise I would share it with you. However I think I am progressing, but no where near ready to start any practical work. I am on a real journey of self discovery - and am realising my loves and hates. I think I would really like to respond to a collection - perhaps within an archive or a museum. This would be a big change in direction for me - but I want to stretch myself.

I have realised that my childhood has played a huge role in shaping what I like, and from doing a reverse mind map (very interesting to do) I am beginning to see that I am a a story teller, so this is my new starting point. I mentioned in my last post that my Dad was a tailor, so thought I would share this wonderful photo with you!

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