Friday, 27 November 2009

Book Binding and Book Art

As part of the MA at Manchester I am lucky enough to be doing some workshops in book binding at the moment. I have always enjoyed making books since my tutor Hannah Lamb showed us in the first year of my BA course, so it is great to be picking it back up again and Manchester have a lovely workshop dedicated to it! The tutor gave us a link to the University of Bristol where you can download free newsletters on the subject - the link is here if you are interested

I have looked at this website in the past about a project called 1000 journals - see link - some lovely images of pages from sketchbooks, be warned - you can lose a morning browsing this website

I would share the book I made on Tuesday but the tutor took the work in! - which made me giggle :) When I get it back - I will post some photos.


  1. It's nice to know I sparked something off. I am so envious of you. I can't make it to the Tuesday sessions, but I look forward to seeing what you create. Perhaps you can pass on some tips to me some time?

  2. Thanks for the link to artists books/newsletters. I love artists books and have been busy making one all weekend - with no idea what the outcome will be! but it's always great to see what others are doing. I look forward to seeing the pictures of your book!

    Am now off to peruse the 1000 journal website. I have seen the book and love the concept, but didn't think to look for a website. would like to do something similar one day!


  3. I've had an old pair of my grandad's glasses in their case in my bag all week just forgot to show you them the other day. I'm also waiting on some photographs to be developed that I took with my old eos canon camera of old books....Spooky!