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What next?

I now need to seriously start thinking about getting my project started for the Needle Forge Mill Museum Competition. (see the link - ). Which is based on the topic of Freedom. I am hoping to carry on my theme of maps from my degree work for this competition entry and have fallen in love with these vintage maps as a starting point.

Final Show

Well, the final show is hung and the preview night has been and gone, next I have to take it all down again! Have to say thank you to all my family and friends who have been amazing and supported me throughout my whole three years at college.

Just finished my BA Hons in Surface Design and Textiles at Bradford School of Arts and Media. We had a great turn out on the preview night but now its back to reality as I now need to get my portfolio ready for New Designers in London 6 - 12th July. (See the link for info - )

This final collection has been based on marks made on the landscape by man, using images of aerial photography and inspiration from maps. I have been particularly interested in grids and the patterns formed by housing estates and built up areas, and have translated these into printed and embroidered textile pieces. Not sure which work to put in the portfolio yet, but thinking about some of the following images: