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Air Mail

I have had a few requests to send my wood blocks further afield, so, I have edited my etsy shop listings, to inlcude postage for everywhere else, and little blocks should be flying out to places far and wide soon, check out my etsy shop for more info....

I am also working on some new designs, which will also be available on line soon - watch this space ....


Well, the good news is that I have finally mastered how to send an attractive newsletter complete with photos, the bad news is that if you didn't receive one, you are not on my mailing list!  So if you want be kept up to date with news and events, including workshops and forthcoming exhibitions, send me your email address to - I promise not to share your details with anyone else :)

Acme Mangle

So, I bought this just before Xmas from a little antique place I like to go wander around...

The plan is to turn it into a print press - I've seen a few conversions on the internet - so although I haven't got it all quite worked out yet, watch this space.....


Its been a hectic full on week of teaching and talks, but today I am loving beingin the studio, making and FINALLY adding some of my wood blocks onto my etsy shop - which you can now see a sneaky preview of on the right hand side of the page.  So spread the word, I will be adding more very shortly.