Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I have just finished reading a book by Jennifer Moon called Learning Journals and if I was focusing on the negative, it has made me realise how little real reflection I have been doing and makes me want to start writing my own journal from scratch. This is in part due to the fact that I should have really read this book before Christmas. However, having now read it, at least I can look back on what I have written and start analysing it in more depth.

I am beginning to discover that perhaps what attracts me to museums and to collections are the memories that they invoke. Although the objects in the museums are not mine, nor are the objects I have been collecting, the majority have not been passed down through my family, they seem to be part of a universal memory, a memory that we could all share in some way. I am sure some of these images I have been posting often remind others of objects they have known, even if they no longer own them.

My imagination seems to play an important role in this and humour too - often at the oddness of items collected that are sometimes of little real value, but are precious due to the fact that they have survived and are a record of a time past.

The cases that these objects are captured in, whether they are glass cases in museums, boxes holding cutlery or covers of books holding pages together provide a protection for items that seem fragile, precious, important, that could be lost, but have been preserved or saved by the collectors.

More questions are needed, more reflection...

Possibly on a more interesting note for anyone reading this are some lovely pictures of some of my recent finds..

They seem to have a definite colour palette this week. Some lovely books and a very beautiful old Victorian photograph album.


  1. mm, not sure what happened there - I just published a comment from Leslie - and it seems to have disappeared - just didn't want you to think I had deleted it - in answer to your question - what am I going to do with my collections? At present I am not sure - I am hoping that more research during my MA will come up with some amazing solution - I will keep you posted!

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  3. Hi friend, good post - on my wave length. The mention of memory is important. How we progress from childhood to adulthood makes us the person we are, whether you were introduced to lots of things as a child or not - thereby making you want more knowledge. The collections in museums are about caring and knowledge of the past and preserving, but like you say even the oddities are thankfully there which record and make it special. A personal collection is so different - as I collect buttons I cant possibly use them all but it doesnt give them any less value I like to look and image where they were from and feel I am looking after them, its a personal quirky thing!! The books are wonderful. Keep up the good work I am looking forward to seeing your lovely collection soon.

  4. If I had a pound for every time I'd thought why didn't I do that before! Also your reflections ARE important and people will be interested in them. Pretty pictures are fine but your ideas are the most important thing. I know sometimes it seems self-indulgent talking to yourself on your blog, but I've found when you are really open with yourself others will respond to it too. Keep on with the thinking! All the best, Hannah

  5. Thanks for the advice - it is very true and I do tend to hold back a bit, so I will try to be more open with my thoughts - see what happens!