A love affair with scrim

So maybe some of you are wondering why I am selling hand dyed scrim on etsy - well its because I love using it in my work and want you to be able to use it too.  The main way I use it is with my embellisher (which is a felting machine for those of you have never come across one - highly addictive once you have had a go, so be warned - but well worth the investment).

I tend to use it with dyed wool blanket or dyed wool felt - because of the lovely colours you get.  Some illustrations to show you what I mean.

Firstly I take a piece of my hand dyed scrim and a piece of blanket or felt

and place one on top of the other and embellish away. 

At this stage it doesn't look that exciting, but when you turn it over after you have embellished it, you get all these lovely little tufts, that almost look like loose stitches.

 Its a quick process and makes a great background to further decorate, either with stitch or by using the embellisher to add further layers to it - which I have done here with some chiffon.

There are so many more things you can do with an embellisher, and I will be blogging about these soon.  But you can build up layers, embellish stitches into fabrics, wear things away, the list is endless. So that's scrim with an embellisher, I love it!  Never had a go of an embellisher? - well book on one of my workshops and you can try it out.


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