Thursday, 17 September 2009

Not enough room!

I know I shouldn't grumble, as to have a dedicated space (by this I mean my spare bedroom) to work in is a luxury, but I am rapidly running out of space. I already moved the spare bed out, so no space for guests anymore. What do you do with 4 years worth of art work and textile samples? I need my own shed! Or half of our garage! Thoughts, advice, where do you put it all?


  1. You could expand into your bedroom and get bunk beds!!! (not sure your man would speak to me again if that happened!) Nice studio in the garden - now that sounds the best idea (if only I had one as well) Presume the loft is already full? Sorry thats the best I can do xx

  2. Perhaps you could sell some of your artwork? What about an open studio/house to sell some of the things you feel you could part with/move on from?

    Otherwise you'll just have to expand into the garden!

    I think it doesn't matter how much space you have as a textile artist - you just fill it regardless and spread into the rest of the house (I have anyhow).

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, I think a sale is in order at some point. Considering etsy as a place to sell? I totally agree with the more space you have the more you fill it! If we ever move house - it will take 10 vans to get us out!