Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Last weeks find and this weeks find

Ooo - I have been very busy and not very well (flu like thing - yuk) and so I have been a bit lapse with my blogging, so having to put a few finds on at once this week.
Last weeks find was not so much a find, but more a rediscovery of a gift that a very kind person called Hannah gave me last year. Clearing out my cupboard in the spare room I refound these lovely filter papers - not sure which is the most appealing - the boxes they come in or the perfect stack of round papers.

This weeks find - again was a gift - from my Mum - who found this beautiful old chocolate box - which is so old it has no advertising on it! Still can't believe she parted with it - you would have had to prize this out of my fingers with a crow bar!

Thanks Mum!

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  1. Hi Fiona
    I love the chocolate box. I have recollections of seeing things like that when I was young. I think I loved them then too.