Friday, 2 July 2010

A Tutorial with Rozanne Hawksley!

Wow, I was fortunate to have a one to one tutorial with Rozanne Hawksley as part of testing time at Manchester Met for my MA yesterday. What an amazing and inspiring lady. She understood where I was heading straight away and offered some insightful advice. Amazingly she hopes to return next year at the same time to speak to me again about my work - I can't wait.

Rozanne was also one of the four speakers we had organised to come and talk about their work and was highly entertaining, as was Tabitha Moses, Philippa Prinsloo and Jill Townsley. It was a superb afternoon.

Now I am about to set off for my sisters wedding this weekend, yipee! I am having a very exciting week :) x

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  1. Hi there friend - sounds like you have been having a very interesting time - talking to Rozanne must have been inspiring. Keep up the good work (cant wait to see what you have been doing) xx CA