Nearly ready!

Its been very busy in the studio this week, with a frenzy of making and tidying up.  Nearly there, just a bit more tidying to do with some help from all the artists who will be exhibiting this weekend and next.  Hope to see some of you at the Preview Night at Huddersfield University tomorrow night (6pm - 8pm) and obviously at the Studio - Radiant Works on Saturday and Sunday (11am - 5pm).  Its a really good chance to see some great work and also an opportunity to see some of us in action.  I will be busy making work to take to the Knit and Stitch Shows, so there will be some printing, some machine embroidery and the embellisher may even make an appearance (only if its good).  So if you don't know what an embellisher is - now is your chance to find out.  For more info check out the HOST site at


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