Saturday, 6 November 2010

One presentation done - on with the practical stuff

I had a presentation to give for my MA on Thursday - it had been a bit of a mad dash of reading and trying to write it after the trip to Dublin, but I got through it and I have to say all the reading and research over the last month or so is beginning to help me find a way for the practical side. Because my Grandmother has become more of the focus for my research, I have found myself quite emotional at times, when reading about memory,time, absence and loss - the key themes for my work.  Fortunately I have been spending more time with my Grandmother gathering stories, memories and photographs - just got to translate this into something more solid now. 

I think she is enjoying retelling the stories and the excitement of being recorded via my laptop!  It seems  important to find a way of preserving these times but I am still trying to find ways to illustrate these themes of time and memory - how do you illustrate something that is intangible??


  1. Fiona I can see where you get your good looks from. What a beautiful woman your Grandmother is. Sounds like you are having a very special time with this and to me it "feels" like a textile hand made book with photographs, hand drawings/writings etc. Stitch/draw how you feel, incorporating these wonderful memories of life. xx Love x

  2. Thank you - what a lovely comment to start my morning with. I feel very proud of my Grandmother. At 93 she is very determined to keep her independence and its been such a great journey to find out that she is the inspiration for my MA. x