Become a Follower to win.....

Ok, so as promised, to celebrate now having over 50 followers on my blog I am having a bit of a give away.  If you want to be included you need to become a follower by Wednesday 15th December and you will automatically be entered.   One follower will be picked at random (put in a hat and picked out by my better half) and I will post it out to you. The prize is pictured below.  So get following and good luck.....


  1. Yum...looks abit like my house on a hill! [well if the lines sloped a little more]xx
    Good luck everyone.
    Dionne x

  2. That's gorgeous Fiona, but I can't win an arguement so I won't hold my breath!

  3. to have a piece of your art work would be wonderful! Wonder if I can sign up as a follower again! Thanks!

  4. Good luck - at least if you are following you stand a chance!

  5. seriously? you;d give away one of your pieces??? oh wow.

  6. I really like your art - very creative! Happy to find your blog. Jamie V in MT


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