Big Opinions

Well a week of crits during Testing Time for my MA has proven very interesting.  My first crit was with the Head of the Design Department, who framed the whole thing very nicely by talking about opinions.  Something along the lines of.... there are opinions........ big ones........ small ones and even......popular ones, but that none of these descriptions make any of them right or wrong.  I thought they were wise words when we were all about to open ourselves and our work up to be critiqued.  Overall people seemed to understand some of the themes and concepts I am trying to communicate.   Silent crits (which means I don't say anything and the audience is left to work out what the work is about) were particularly insightful and raised up some ideas that I hadn't even realised could be read into it.  Fine Art Lecturers had another view again - definitely of the less is more, and that I can afford to leave some things out and trust the audience to find meaning withouth spelling it out for them.  Lots to go away and think about....

In terms of my usual way of working - it feel fairly stripped back and minimal, definitely different.  Did I make what I thought I would?  Absolutely not, where is the stitch I hear you ask?


  1. As you often say it is good to challenge yourself and yes where is the stitching... but its a different approach/thought process for you. Challenging, thoughtful, interesting and very personal - cant wait to see it all xxx

  2. Beautiful - wow! No, not asking where the stitch is... can see it throughout. Hope it goes well for you. x

  3. Looks really interesting. Glad you're challenging yourself and finding surprises along the way x


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