A few things that didn't seem to grab the audiences attention during testing time for my MA.  Left wondering why that was.....

Thanks to Jo who took some of these pics for me (I had forgtotten my camera - its my age)!


  1. Did anyone write in you comment book that might give you a hint of a reason? If I saw drawers I'd be pulling every one of them open to have a look!

  2. I have a few more tutorials lined up, so may get some answers then. Fingers crossed.

  3. Hi friend - its hard to pass comment without seeing the whole collection. I really look forward to seeing it and I agree with Carole I would have to look in all the drawers! Sometimes certain items stand out more for the 'viewer' xx looks amazing though xx love CA

  4. Hi Fiona
    I am interested to know when you will finish the ma and i can see it at MMU. I am a student on the embroidery course ... i was part time and am starting full-time this september. I also love the letterpress room ... especially when the 'man' is not there and i can play around without him looking over my shoulder ... in fact i have bought my own little adana letterpress for home. i am very interested in paper art and would love to catch up with you sometime next term. as the other comments it is extremely difficult to comment on work without seeing the whole collection ... but it looks really intriguing and beautiful ... a very difficult combination to achieve!!

    michele (simplywonderfuldiscoveries)


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