Bit of time to reflect after Testing Time.  Things that seemed to be working, things that were overlooked, wondering why and what to push forward with.  These seemed to resonate well with the audience during the crits.

Although people were divided over the use of text.  Is it making it too obvious, and can I trust my audience to figure out the messages  without spelling it out for them?

People thought the book covers were beautiful, but a comment was made that perhaps I was romanticising the object.  I am not sure if this is a bad thing or not.  There is an element of nostalgia in the work, but I don't want it to look "twee"

Overall most people thought it was well curated, despite the Fine Art angle that there was too much on display.  Do I have the confidence to display a single piece of work?  And is this the right thing to do?  Considering themes of archive, memory, collecting - would one piece be too minimal? 


  1. One piece would be too little. It was in no way twee. The curation was just right I especially loved the last days with the threaded objects as they added another dimension to your narrative. The book covers are beautiful, though provoking and definitely make you look twice which is what they kept saying was important xx

  2. I think we spoke about the confidence it takes to exhibit just one work didn't we? It would only be a success with certain things. Just because it seems an awe-inspiring thing to do it doesn't mean it's right for everyone. Go with what you feel is right. It all looks great x


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