Saturday, 27 December 2014

New Year New Projects

So I'm starting my new year early this year.... I know, it might seem overly keen and organised but its really down to the fact that the mister has been in bed with the flu since Xmas Eve and as we were due to travel north for our Xmas celebrations, it has made for a rather quiet time.

On the plus side, its meant I had an opportunity to consider what next....

As it happens I had also got this card in the post from The Design Trust (very useful website if you don't know it) which was pushing me to consider my business plans, hopes and dreams for 2015.
It starts with giving you some words to choose from to help focus the year ahead.  You can see the ones I have chosen to select below.

Collaborative, Imaginative and Aesthetic.

I have a new project in the pipeline - something to get the imagination going and hopeful it will result in an exhibition with a fellow maker. And this year I am so very determined to get all that stuff I need to sort out - branding, websites, packaging, online shops etc! (oh yes! and back to some blogging)  Its going to be a very productive year and hopefully you will be able to follow some of the changes with me on my blog.

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