365 Prints - Day 80

Day 80 - Print Plate No.  80
cardboard, acrylic paint, cartridge paper

Alongside printing this week I've been using this time of captivity due to the bad back situation (scowly face) to read and research.  I'm currently looking at Russian Constructivism.  The Constructivists used the term 'laboratory work' to describe their investigations - I love this idea of my print project comprising of laboratory works so I'm stealing the term. Maybe it's the thought that I can be like a mad professor in my lab conducting wierd and wonderful experiments. (One of my words for the year was imaginative after all)

So today's laboratory works include the addition of Matt medium to add to the acrylics. This has resulted in less blotchy prints and brush marks instead coming through on the paper - although the most successful print today was on the stencil itself - specially when placed over the delicious sunny yellow.


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