I have a bad back. :(

It's not good at all.

I've had it since last week....

Fortunately I have done my prints in advance of the days I publish them. I did this purposefully from the outset just in case I got a cold, to give me a buffer -  which means I've been able to keep up with my daily posts this week...

But they are going to run out soon and I hadn't planned for bad backs :/

So I may have to take a break or come up with a way of printing that's not to arduous on my back.. mmmmm

Or perhaps i can rope in my other half and boss him about?!

Anyway I'm having a ponder.. If anyone has any suggestions let me know ;)


  1. Work on the prints you already have.
    Chop them up
    Blow them up
    Shrink them down
    Work into them
    Pull bits out of them

    All this could also apply to your back.....

  2. :D
    Great idea - slightly destructive elements appeal at the moment. Thanks ;)

  3. Hi Fiona How about doing some trace monotypes ...........?? Thats pretty easy going. Hope your back improves soon. Take care


  4. Another good idea Aine - thanks for the suggestion and kind words. :)


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