365 Prints - Day 205

Day 205 - Print Plate No.  205.
cartridge paper, polystyrene,  speedball inks

So I'm back from my break - we went to Copenhagen for a few days - lovely place - very inspiring and I've returned feeling ready to get back to this 365 Print Project I've madly set myself.

One thing that's stayed with me from my trip is the simplicity of decor and materials in Copenhagen - I'm trying to keep hold of this and not over complicate some of my processes or worry that they are too simple! (I'll post some photos from my trip another day)

Remember my polystyrene textured prints from early on? I've revisited it today but started to form shapes instead of leaving them as rectangles.  Figurative forms creeping back in - and I can't help but start with the blue ink ;)

it's gone all cold and grey here so the woolly jumpers are out and inspired today's shape.
The marks are made by pushing the flat end of a large paper clip into the polystyrene.  Lots of possibilities for creating fair isle patterns perhaps? Possible that my wooden figures may get new outfits this year!


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    1. Sorry Robbie - accidentally deleted your comment - but yes it is a brownie!! :)


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