Mid Review - Reflection - Practice - Process

I've been working on these prints for over 6 months now. It's speeding by. I'm getting to a stage in the year where I'll have a bit more time to commit to my practice so it seems like a good time to take stock.

There are still many processes I have yet to explore and I feel ready to develop some ideas that have been milling about in my head - but I don't have time to do them quite yet.

At times I've wanted to veer off and do other techniques and it's been hard to stick to the printing - particularly when I can see where patterns and prints could be applied. On the other hand,  it's felt good to work through some of the print processes and discover new ways of working I otherwise wouldn't have found.

I'm also feeling quite tired and ready for a break - so I've decided to really take some time and I'm having a week off from posting my prints. I feel a bit guilty but also know I do need the rest.

We all need some time away from working but I'll leave you with some images of the project so far...see you in a week.


  1. Have a good break, and I'm looking forward to seeing the forthcoming images. I think the project is brilliant, you must be learning so much, and you're producing a great body of work.

  2. Thanks Jane - great to get words of encouragement - feeling the pressure recently of this mad project I've set myself. :D


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