365 Prints - Day 365!!! Last one...

Day 365 - Print Plate No. 365
Cartridge paper, speedball inks, acrylic paint

So it's the last one of the 365 Prints!  Can't quite believe I managed it. If you're new to my blog you may think big deal, so what.... but it feels like a big achievement alongside teaching 4 days a week to squeeze these in. I've had my moments and had times when I really didn't feel like working. I need some time now to step back and look over them all and figure out if I want to do something with them.. I'd love to hear your suggestions or thoughts....?


  1. I've loved them. A story book would be good. How nice to sit back and just have a play and admire them. Such a great accomplishment. Well done

    1. Thanks Lynn - love that idea... appreciate you following my project and for liking and commenting on the way ;) x

  2. Well done! quite an achievement! Your work has changed over the year and I wondered if you'd read about the pottery class here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-34775411 I'm sure you'll see lots of benefit from all you work.

  3. Just found your blog.. What a joy on a cloudy Tuesday morning.


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