Blowing Your Own Trumpet.....can be difficult

Maybe it’s just me, is it just me?  but I get a bit overwhelmed at the moment with the pressure to create videos and pictures with me in it. There is lots of information on getting you and your work out there, to tell your story and I find myself under pressure to show my face more or create videos with me talking in them.

I see other creatives doing it really well, and I think should I be doing this?

I think I do OK with it all, but the thing I really struggle with is putting more of me out there.

People who know me well will know that I really hate having my photo taken or hearing myself played back on video. Anyone else find this makes them squirm?

So I’m recommending a book in today’s post - it’s one I’ve read before, but not for a few years now, it’s a good one. It has lots of different ways of getting you out there, about building up to it. So I’ve  just found it on my shelves and reread it, and taken notes and done the exercises too and actually it’s what spurred me on to start writing on my blog again.

It’s “The Art of Shouting Quietly” by Pete Mosley. Pete is a business coach and has worked with a lot of creatives. A few gems for me are the “cheeky letter” and “radiators and drains” oh and “asking for help”.  Go give it a read - I think you’ll like it.  It’s available as a Kindle edition.  You can find out more about Pete here

Anyone else read any good books recently that has spurred them on - leave me a comment below

Love Fiona x


  1. Will look for this on audio at our library! I always get so embarrassed or uncomfortable when folks compliment me on ANYTHING! My daughter said "just say thank you"...ha Hard to toot our own horn....thanks for the post and book recommendation.

    1. You are very welcome. I hope you find it useful.

  2. I’m not a selling maker, I only make for myself but the book looks good.


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