Finding a creative community

Being self employed and working on your own in a space can get lonely. I think this is where social media and the creative community can really help small business owners.  One of the things I’ve taken part in over the last few years is the  March Meet the Maker instagram challenge which was the brilliant idea by Joanne Hawker. Anyone else tried it? What did you think? I’m half way through this years challenge and I’m more organised this year and am managing to keep up to the daily posts. Planning is the key!

Each year Joanne provides a set of daily prompts for the month of March to help makers tell everyone a bit more about their business.

It may be that you are thinking what’s the purpose, that it’s a bit stressful or too much pressure but Joanne does try to make it easy by providing a useful planner and a blog post about how to approach the different daily prompts.

For me the positive is that I’ve found it a great way to meet more makers and strike up conversations. This has led to helpful advice, encouraging comments, things that make me laugh and inspiration for my instagram photos.

It also makes me put a bit more effort into how I style up my photos, (see examples below) consider what I’m going to write and generally plan a months social media - which has got to be a good thing?

You are probably wondering if it’s led  to more sales? Mm not yet but who knows but that’s not the sole reason to do it.  It has developed new followers and new creative business colleagues who you never know might just be able to help me out with a problem in the future or perhaps an exciting collaboration. It’s broadened my network and I didn’t have to go to one of those cringey network events. It’s been a good way of getting more about my business out there. It’s helping me tell my story - you know that thing that every social media guru is saying you need to do!

If anyone knows of any other good Instagram challenges I’d love to hear all about it. Leave me a comment below.  If you’re new to Instagram challenges - there is a great article over  here  on Folksy about it as well as some other challenges you might want to join in with.

Love Fiona x


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