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Festival of Quilts

Just back from the Festival of Quilts which has been such a positive and lovely event, I think I will be back to earth with a bump today. If you came to visit my stand, then I must say a very big thank you to all of you for making it a truly inspiring experience to have met so many positive, friendly and passsionate people. I hope you will all keep coming back to my blog and stay in touch.

A few of the highlights for me were the other graduates who were exhibiting, as they all start to get blogs and websites, I will be adding links to my blog page so you can see their work too. My neighbour Liz Turton who had amazing knitted and woven fabrics, I hope will become a good friend and we are hoping to do some collaborative work in the future. Other graduates included Tracey Tubb (, and Naomi Cotrufo, who had some beautiful embroidery work.

I was also lucky enough to have a visit from Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan from Committed to Cloth (http://www.commit…

Do some work!

Well - I should have been doing some work to get ready for the quilt festival - I need to get some new postcards printed as they all disappeared at New Designers, but instead I have been nosing about at other blogs. So many amazing things to see, but really zaps my time, howeverI have added to the list of blogs I like - so have a look - there are some lovely images and inspiration.

Thoughts on new postcards - which image do we like best

Need a Holiday

Looking through old photos and finding these of Flamborough on the east coast where my nana has a static caravan.

I really love going there, wish I was there now! Andrew was taking odd pictures of us walking along last time, looking back I really like how he captured it.

Final Work

Spent the last two days frantically finishing of my work for the Needle Forge Mill Competition and just run off to the post office with it. I hope it is handled with care. I have wrapped it up so much I fear they won't be able to open it at the other end.

Below is a sample from my main piece