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Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

As part of the MA we have a process called Testing Time, where we have space to hang our work and sign up for group crits/tutorials with various Lecturers and also outside visitors suchs as curators of galleries and museums.  I had a frantic day yesterday getting everything set up, plinths in lifts, plan chests on wheels and up and down stairs (thankfully the porters did the plan chest).  Wouldn't have achieved it without the fabulous technicians and my other colleagues/plinth carriers.  Its great to have sucha a large space to experiment with display although I am a little nervous about the whole crit thing!

We can use something called a 'silent crit' which means I don't have to say anything but just ask my audience to discuss the work and see what their response to it is - I am tempted to try this out first and see whether my themes are coming across in the work.  I forgot my good camera yesterday, but there a few good images that I managed to get with my phone - wil…

Holmfirth Art Week

I am taking part in Holmfirth Art Week this year for the first time.  I will be there in one of the Open Houses, along with some other very talented artists, including Martin Smith's beautiful kinetic sculptures (Laikingland  Andrew Warburton's rugs, Dionne Swifts textile art and more.  You can find out more and how to find me on this link  I hope to see you there.

Fiona Wilson - Vocabulary of Marks Series

What a lovely day!

I have to say how lovely all my students were who attended the Mapping Marks for Stitch Workshop yesterday, they really engaged with the work and created some lovely samples.  Thank you for making it such an enjoyable day.  Here are some piccies of what they got up to....

Suprising how quickly a day can go!  Some great embellishing work and a few stitches I had never seen before.

Stitch Business

I have been very fortunate to have been featured in the newsletter of Stitch Business - an independent  stitch school based in Durham, led by Tracy Franklin and Julia Triston.  You can find out more here and also subscribe to the newsletter yourself.  Ali, a student who attended one of my workshops, and who is studying at Stitch Business interviewed me and has made a great job of editing it.  So thank you - very kind, and I am now spreading the word in return - its good to share.

MA - yes I am still doing it!

I know its been a while since I posted anything much about my MA, partly because it had to take a back seat during my teaching and assessing of degree students work, and partly because I hadn't done much!  Anyway, I have been back in the Letter Press and working with the Laser Cutter - all new to me, but loving some of the possibilities.  We have something called Testing Time approaching, which is an opportunity to hang work and have group crits with people who haven't seen you work before.  I have to say I am fairly nervous, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Will post some more pictures soon, but something to give you an idea....

Stitched and ready!

My mapping marks for workshop is going on in the studio tomorrow and I have just been digging out some samples to share with my students, so here's a preview of some of the techniques we will be trying out.  Looking forward to seeing you all....

Holmfirth Art Market

Phew, its been a long last two days, getting ready and making for the Holmfirth Art Market tomorrow - you can find more details here  Bit of a taster of what I have been up to and what you can see ...

New wood blocks printed and wrapped with threads.
Studio tools
Hope to see some of you at the Art Market - looks like there will be some interesting artists to see.

Print Workshop

Well its a while since it happened and I have been crazy busy teaching and trying to do a few art trails and markets inbetween, but here are a few imags of the Print and Stitch Workshop that happened in May!  A lovely group who shared their ideas and went away with some great work.