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Large scale

Watched the programme about David Hockney on iplayer yesterday whilst knotting the quilt together - called Imagine - Summer 2009. Really interesting to watch - he created a huge painting, which makes me want to increase the scale of my work too. I particularly liked a moment in the programme where he mentions how we all look at the same thing but with our own memory, and therefore we all see things slightly differently - I suppose because we all attach our own meaning to it. Well worth a watch - find it here...


At last - the knots are done and it can be posted off!

You can see the whole piece at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC.

So much for no more blogging!

I couldn't help it - I just had to tell you that I had finished my website - which is now up and running - there is a link on the top right hand side of the page. Have a look, tell me what you think? All feedback gratefully received.

Final Stages

So with a few threads...

A lot of cutting out of squares and bonding time.... Its now onto the final stage of knotting these layers together....Its got to be there for Friday - so no more blogging today!

New Gallery Page

New page with images of my work. More images will be uploaded over the next few weeks. Keep having a look see.

Good things always come out of bad...

Time away from making like a lunatic - probably why my back is bad - has given me time to do those things we put off. So I now have some new pages on my blog - which is increasingly becoming more like a webiste. The new pages launch my new workshops available from the summer, so please have a look. There is a print taster workshop with dates available and a stitch workshop coming soon, dates and venue to be confirmed.


I am feeling rather flat - my back has gone again and I am therefore not very mobile and shouldn't really even be sat at this computer.
It means I am getting very behind with my entry for the Festival of Quilts (sneaky preview below).
Makes me realise that I need to make sure I am fit and healthy if I am going to be self employed!
I am trying to do bits and pieces of stuff I normally put off, like my marketing and my business plan!

Harrogate Embroiderers Guild

I had a lovely afternoon on Saturday talking to the members of the Harrogate Embroiderers Guild who were extremely welcoming and made my first talk to a group about my work a very enjoyable experience. Thank you to those of you who were there and for all the kind comments about my talk and work. Hope to see you all at the Knit and Stitch Show in Harrogate in November.

A week of listening and a day of talking

I have had a lovely week of going to artists talks. I first went to see the Men of Cloth exhibition at the Waterside Arts Centre in Trafford and heard Michael Brennand Wood talk about his work. I particularly liked his thoughts around the history of the textile technique used in work and the importance this can have to you as a contemporary maker, but also he stated that fabric can be an important aid to memory and this seems particularly pertinent to the type of work I am exploring for my MA. He went on to talk about the cellular structure of humans working in a simliar way to the cellular structure of fabric, the idea of cellular degeneration. He also spoke about pattern within textile art work, saying that pattern doesn't just equate pretty, but that pattern can be a powerful tool containing symbols and metaphors that are evidence of culture. This struck a chord with me as often I feel that the fact that my work is patterned and pretty that it can seem less serious or important…

A Tutorial with Rozanne Hawksley!

Wow, I was fortunate to have a one to one tutorial with Rozanne Hawksley as part of testing time at Manchester Met for my MA yesterday. What an amazing and inspiring lady. She understood where I was heading straight away and offered some insightful advice. Amazingly she hopes to return next year at the same time to speak to me again about my work - I can't wait.

Rozanne was also one of the four speakers we had organised to come and talk about their work and was highly entertaining, as was Tabitha Moses, Philippa Prinsloo and Jill Townsley. It was a superb afternoon.

Now I am about to set off for my sisters wedding this weekend, yipee! I am having a very exciting week :) x