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Studio Preparation.

Finally got round to finishing off my print table! It is very large - nearly 3m long and 1.5m wide! So now I just need to get my dyes and screens in place and I can start printing there! Next step is to build my own steamer. So I am now on the look out for a baby boiler. Will take some photos of the studio this week, so you can have a looksee.

A Clear Out

With an imminent house move, I am having a clear out of old stock (pre degree show work) and vintage items which you can find for sale on my Etsy Shop - follow the link at the top of the page or you can see some high lights further down my blog on the right hand side of the page (I am getting better at this technological stuff or perhaps they are making it easier?!). Anyway - have alook - you may find something you like.


Well, I am part of HOST this year - which is very exciting, as it will be the first time my studio becomes public! It is at the end of September. You can find more information about the whole event on this link and my profile is here which tells you the days I will be there. I hope you can make it!

Post Assessment for the MA

Well suprisingly and much to my shock and after all that worry I got a good mark for my first stage of the MA! After feeling rather despondent and deflated after presenting it (and packing it all away in a cupboard so I didn't have to look at it!) - I feel that I can take on the next stage now.
I guess we all have moments of self doubt.... This is some of the work I put up for assessing. They are based around ideas of automatic writing and are an illustration of my emotional response to some of the objects I have collected and the museums and archives I have been visiting.
They are a collection of inks and graphite on paper. Not sure whether I will translate these into stitch yet? I still need a definite focus for the Diploma Stage for the MA, so that is the next issue to resolve.

Embroiderers Guild Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Meeting

I am very excited to have been invited to the above this Saturday and will also be taking along some of my work to show to those who are attending. See you there!