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Painted Pages

Yesterday I had a lovely time preparing pages to draw onto - I hate a blank white page....

New Esty Shop Now Up and Running

Finally - I have placed a few items on etsy - see the link at the top of the page - there will be more being added this week, so please keep having a look and tell your friends. This is on there now...

Bound Pages

This weeks find were these lovely hardbacked music books. I think they must be fron the 50's or 60's - colour and grain of the covers are lovely.

The Thing Finder

This weeks find are some very beautiful and very small (5cm) valves.
I also rediscovered (tidying up the spare room) these lovely pocket watch keys that my uncle sent me a few years ago when he saw I had bought a pocket watch at the market. I love the numbers on them - the No 7 worked and I now have a working pocket watch.

This weeks find!

Finally my new starting point for my MA seems to be taking shape. From a few visits to archives, I realise my love of collecting and want to incorporate this somehow. I want to enjoy my MA as well as find it challenging, so have decided to share each weeks find on my blog. Perhaps I am starting my own archive of sorts? I am not sure where this will take me, but its a beginning.

So this week, when I should have been in London, but was snowed in at Mum's - I was helping her take the Xmas tree down and in one of her cupboards spotted these and I can't resist a box...
The patina on them is lovely and the contents...

Cutlery and lots of it. Not silver, just plain old stainless steel. I think the order and repetition of the contents appeals to me and the discoloured lining. Imagine entertaining with all this.

Discarded Papers

I found these lovely old packaging papers in the book binding workshop before Xmas, they are oiled to protect the papers inside - fabulous colours - I couldn't resist adding them to my collection!

Results of the Book Binding!

Finally I can show you the images of the books I made from the book binding course! One above is called a Z book and the second one is known as a Dos-a-Dos .

Mythical Magical Creatures at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

These photos were from a visit to the Sculpture Park on the 2nd January, fortunately for me, I live not too far away. It was such a lovely snowy day with the sunshine, and I fell in love with the light surrounding the Camillia House and the sculptures by Sophie Ryder in front of them. At first I thought the ice on the windows was the pattern in the glass, but they were beautiful swirly patterns made from ice.

Visit to Platt Hall

Before the Christmas break from University, I went along with my some of my MA group to have a behind the scenes visit to the costume museum - Platt Hall in Manchester, which is currently closed for refurbishment.

Thought I would share some of my photos with you - these are of all the boxes held in the attic, which are beautiful even before we looked inside them.

Unfortunately the lighting was not good and these were only taken with my phone, so the pictures of the insides are a bit blurry, but here a a few of the better ones.

Beautiful patchwork silk pocket above, and this beautiful glove below.

Another section of the museum holds a collection enclosed in cupboards and lots of draws - this was such a fascinating room for me, as an avid collector of anything and everything, I could happily have lived in it for a few days. Again I had issues with the camera, but am hopeful for another visit when the museum reopens.

The selection of spectacles was magnificent - I can't wait to go back!