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A few things that didn't seem to grab the audiences attention during testing time for my MA.  Left wondering why that was.....

Thanks to Jo who took some of these pics for me (I had forgtotten my camera - its my age)!

Work In Progress

A little something I am plotting....  not finished yet, but its nearly there.....

Chelford Embroiderers' Guild Workshop Results!

I had a lovely time with the Embroiderers' Guild Group at Chelford Village Hall.  A talk on Wednesday evening followed by my Mapping Marks for Stitch Workshop on the Thursday.  It was nice to hear that those who were nervous about their drawing skills, left the day feeling more confident and dare I say actually enjoyed drawing.  Translating their drawings into machine embroidered samples and here are some of the results....

An amazingly diverse range of samples.  The embellisher was a big hit too.

Last Minute Space on Workshop

I have had a cancellation so now have a free space on my workshop this weekend.  It's the two day Print and Stitch Workshop - more details on the tab at the top of this page or get in touch if you want more info.  A great opportunity to learn screen printing for fabric and combine this with some machine embroidery techniques.  Held at the studio in Huddersfield on Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 4pm.


Bit of time to reflect after Testing Time.  Things that seemed to be working, things that were overlooked, wondering why and what to push forward with.  These seemed to resonate well with the audience during the crits.

Although people were divided over the use of text.  Is it making it too obvious, and can I trust my audience to figure out the messages  without spelling it out for them?

People thought the book covers were beautiful, but a comment was made that perhaps I was romanticising the object.  I am not sure if this is a bad thing or not.  There is an element of nostalgia in the work, but I don't want it to look "twee"

Overall most people thought it was well curated, despite the Fine Art angle that there was too much on display.  Do I have the confidence to display a single piece of work?  And is this the right thing to do?  Considering themes of archive, memory, collecting - would one piece be too minimal?

Big Opinions

Well a week of crits during Testing Time for my MA has proven very interesting.  My first crit was with the Head of the Design Department, who framed the whole thing very nicely by talking about opinions.  Something along the lines of.... there are opinions........ big ones........ small ones and even......popular ones, but that none of these descriptions make any of them right or wrong.  I thought they were wise words when we were all about to open ourselves and our work up to be critiqued.  Overall people seemed to understand some of the themes and concepts I am trying to communicate.   Silent crits (which means I don't say anything and the audience is left to work out what the work is about) were particularly insightful and raised up some ideas that I hadn't even realised could be read into it.  Fine Art Lecturers had another view again - definitely of the less is more, and that I can afford to leave some things out and trust the audience to find meaning withouth spelling i…