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Building up layers - work is progressing :)

Perhaps getting a bit dark in colour, but only small A5 samples, just playing around with different materials, inks, acyrlic, pva and wax. Trying out different ways of applying them to the paper. Some more successful than others. May use them as backgrounds to draw over or perhaps monoprint onto yet.


Today I have been playing with blocks of colour, I am experimenting with more layers within my painting, I want them to have real depth. See some of my works in progress.

Need more work yet....

Learning all the time...

Sorry, I know I jump about a bit with my topics at time - its just the way my head works - but just reflecting on my experience of the Freedom Exhibition at the Needle Forge Mill Museum and considering the winning piece - I don't have a picture of it unfortunately as the one I took was blurred. But I imagine the Mill will have pictures on their website soon - see link -

The winner was Donna Rumble Smith - who has recently completed her MA at Nottingham. Her piece was made using a multi head embroidery machine, monofilament and cottons, to create a stitched panel of text in white, which had been created as an installation within the actual mill itself, rather than being hung in the gallery space. It worked extremely well within the space and I can see why it was chosen as the winning piece. Donna had visited the museum to approach them about making an installation which I think is an extremely clever and professional way of approaching a competition and …

Not enough room!

I know I shouldn't grumble, as to have a dedicated space (by this I mean my spare bedroom) to work in is a luxury, but I am rapidly running out of space. I already moved the spare bed out, so no space for guests anymore. What do you do with 4 years worth of art work and textile samples? I need my own shed! Or half of our garage! Thoughts, advice, where do you put it all?

Needle Forge Mill Museum - Freedom Exhibition

Had a lovely time at the Needle Forge Mill Museum in Redditch on Saturday. It was the private view for the Freedom exhibition and I was extremely lucky to win a prize for my sketch book. the exhibition is still on, but if its too far for you to get to, I have shown a few images of my work below.

Here are some close ups of the pages - you can find other images of my sketch book in an earlier post too.

Machine embroidered cords

This morning I have been making these .... They are cords made from yarns and zig zag stitch on my sewing machine with glittery threads. Soon to become a hair do for momiji doll!

Cut, stitched and stuffed!

I wanted to get a sense of what the momiji doll would look like once it was stuffed. She looks a bit ghostly at the moment and I think her head seems huge and her necks a bit wide, but she can only improve - poor momiji.

Yes, I know I should be doing something more constructive, but I am telling myself that this is a warming up exercise ;)

Without a Purpose

Feeling a bit lost today, probably because most of the things that were keeping me busy are now finished with. So I am going to enter the momiji doll competition. You can see the details here if you fancy a go. So far - I have printed off the template, going to do a few sketches to see where this takes me. I have so many samples and bit and pieces of fabrics from the last three years that I am going to use some of them within my design. If you decide to enter, let me know how you get on with your momiji!

Sneaky escape

Well, we escaped for a week to the coast (Flamborough). About time really - and it was nice to just stop for a while and not think about things too much. Was itching to do some drawing - but decided a break was needed and feel good that I am still excited to draw after the hive of activity that was my end of year show. A few holiday snaps - not too many as that is always a bore!

Its interesting looking at this collage of images in one spot. Even though the photos were taken from as high up the east coast as Whitby and as far down as Spurn Point, collectively they still have their own colour pallete. I suppose this must be true of a lot of places. I like the idea of a colour palette of place? Maybe something to consider when I start my MA.