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New Pieces of Work

A couple of new pieces that will be featured in the Clocktower Gallery Exhibition that I am taking part in with my other colleagues from the Society of Designer Craftsmen who are based in and around Sheffield.  Will blog with more details and dates later.

Etsy Shop back up and running

So, after a bit of a hectic last few months, I am beginning to put some works back up on etsy for sale.  So you will be able to find this and more over the next few weeks available to purchase.  See the Etsy Shop link on the right hand side of the page.

Selected designs - concertina sketch books 10cm x 10cm - now available on Etsy.

Workshop Wonders

The Mapping Marks for Stitch Workshop on Saturday was a joy to teach, so thank you to the lovely students who attended.  I think there were a few pleasantly suprised people who realised drawing can be fun (yes, really, its true) and the embellisher machine was definitely a hit!  Some great work was produced by everyone.

I still have a few places left on the Mapping Marks for Stitch workshop in June and a Print Taster workshop is planned for March - check out the other pages on my blog for dates and details.


A big thank you goes to my lovely man who has spent a couple of long mornings rejigging and revamping my studio space.  It looks great and I can't wait to share it with my workshop participants this weekend.  I now have a lovely print table down one side of the studio, great for standing up at and lots of surface space.  On the other side, he has made me a long desk for sitting at, which will comfortable sit four people with sewing machines! I can still fit in my plan chest and I have another desk by the window to sit and draw at, or more sewing, you get the idea.  Bliss.  I am one happy lady :)

Second Stage of Writing completed - time for some making

Finished my writing for the second stage of MA and handed in yesterday.  Probably not my best piece of writing, but it feels good to have got it done and now I can crack on with some actual practical work.  Not at the stage for showing pictures just yet, but in a couple of weeks it will be hung for assessment, so come back and check for an update.

In the meantime - my workshop for January is now full - but check out my other upcoming dates for a chance to come to the studio and develop your technical and design skills.  Looking forward to seeing those of you who are coming on the 22nd Jan.