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A much needed studio clear out has resulted in me giving away a few freebies.  To be in a chance to receive one of the small concertina sketchbooks (see image below) featuring one of my designs, just leave a comment on my blog and I will pick out some names from a hat.  Good luck.

Library of Lost Books

Found a lovely project here, that's right up my street, might be your thing too so go have a look .......

Studio Day

So its a luxury to have a day in the studio, as I took a new teaching post in January at the University of Leeds, teaching drawing, embroidery and a bit of knitting too, which I am loving, but it does mean a little less time in the studio, hence my lack of posts recently.

But a lovely day of using these new print plates I made up....

Which have produced this little batch, soon to be turned into blocks and on their way to stockists and my etsy shop soon.

Sent my first order from Norway off this week and then one to Wales today, wonder where will be next!