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National Education Archive

Last Monday I went to visit the National Education Archive which is at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to look at part of the Legat Collection - a family of russian ballet dancers. I was particularly interested in the registers for the ballet lessons, beautiful ledgers containing the most wonderful names like Miss Baby Arafeloff , Miss Unity Peacock and Mr Puck Meyer! I am finding that what I am really drawn to in archives and museums is the way things are stored, sorted and displayed. Concealed in tissue paper, lists of items with reference numbers in old type and just the quality of the papers and the boxes that objects and documents are held within. Each box and sealed piece of tissue paper I opened, was like being a child again and discovering secrets behind closed doors, drawers and inside cases.
Its a curious collection of photos and documents, the costumes give some of the imagery a surreal feel and the portrait photos probably done for publicity and performance programmes are rem…

Last weeks find and this weeks find

Ooo - I have been very busy and not very well (flu like thing - yuk) and so I have been a bit lapse with my blogging, so having to put a few finds on at once this week. Last weeks find was not so much a find, but more a rediscovery of a gift that a very kind person called Hannah gave me last year. Clearing out my cupboard in the spare room I refound these lovely filter papers - not sure which is the most appealing - the boxes they come in or the perfect stack of round papers.

This weeks find - again was a gift - from my Mum - who found this beautiful old chocolate box - which is so old it has no advertising on it! Still can't believe she parted with it - you would have had to prize this out of my fingers with a crow bar!
Thanks Mum!

Neeta Madahar at the Media Museum, Bradford

I went to see the exhibition of photographs by Neeta Madahar at the weekend and was particularly struck by the colour of her imagery. They had a slightly surreal quality to them, particularly the portriats, which were inspired by the work of Madame Yevonde (great name and also quite amazing work called the Goddesses). You can see some of the work on this website

Probably worth a visit if you are in the area.

New items added to Etsy

Coming soon on etsy - these lovely ladies....