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Saltaire Open Houses

The website for the open houses event in Saltaire has now been updates, to find out where I am follow this link  You can also see all the other artists involved this year, such as Samantha Bryan who makes amazing fairy sculptures and many more.

Wood, Thread and Prints

Playing on the ideas of print blocks, I have been developing some more new work for the imminent art market and open house I am taking part in.

Soon to be added to my esty shop too.


Exciting news - I was awarded 2nd place at the Uttoxeter Quilt and Embroidery Show in the Innovative Embroidery Category.  A good result for Radiant Works, as Dionne Swift, my neighbour in the studios got first prize.  Always worth entering a competition, so get your application for the Festival of Quilts filled in - I am doing mine now.

Preparing Papers, Developing Work

Whenever I get a bit lost, I find painting papers extremely satisfying and it helps to get my brain working again.

Its good just to let things happen, without worrying too much about the results

Book your place for the Stitch and Screen Printing Workshop in May

I have some places left on my Print and Stitch 2 Day Worshop. Details are below - please get in touch if you would like to book a place and forward details onto your friends if you think it might be suitable for them.

Stitch and Print 2 Day Workshop - £90 per person

Day One will cover some fun and easy drawing and mark making techniques which you will then learn to translate into machine and/or hand embroidery samples that will be used as the starting point for Day Two. The second day covers screen printing techniques to experiment with ways of combining your stitched samples and print onto fabrics. If you have been on my previous workshops, this 2 day workshop is ideal to push what you have learnt so far even further!

Please note - you will need your own sewing machine for this workshop

Times: 10am – 4.00pm

Dates: Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th May 2011 or Saturday and Sunday 23rd and 24th July 2011

To book: email me on or phone me on 07811 211906.

All …

New Work for the Quilt Museum

Some new pieces that will shortly be wending their way to the Quilt Museum in York to go in their shop as part of the Made in Yorkshire Exhibition that I am exhibiting in, along with other artists such as Dionne Swift and Serena Partridge.  You can find out more here Open from the 7th May.

A little bit of time to reflect

Preparing for a tutorial tomorrow, just laying out my work and having a review of where I am at.  Some things are working - there is still a way to go, but its good to see it all together - just shows that when you don't worry too much about the outcome, things tend to flow.  Despite some of my earlier frustrations with this work, its starting to resolve itself, now that I have taken some advice and remembered to enjoy the experimental phase - something I'm always telling other peope to do!

Saltaire Open Houses

I am very excited to have been selected for the Saltaire Open Houses this year - you can find out more about the event here - - become a fan of the page and every day there will be features about the artists involved - some amazing work this year - so have a look and hopefully you will be able to come along and see me.  More details to come nearer the time.


Been playing around with some new ideas for some art market/open house events I have coming up and rediscovered my vintage 35mm slide mount collection.  Work in progress, but potential perhaps?

I don't like to preach...

but todays find are these set of World's Great Sermons.  I just love the colour and they are such a nice size, just a bit bigger than my hand.  However, if you have seen my other posts, you will know that these are unlikely to remain in one piece!

and I have already taken the contents out of this one.  I like how the pages expand in width once they are released from the binding of the book.  Its sort of how I imagine the contents or memories in our heads if we could stack them all up one on top of the other.

Printing Blocks

I mentioned in a previous post, different ways of printing (i.e. not screen printing) and thought I'd share some of the printed blocks I've been making from erasers and card and papers.   The erasers are a particular cheap way of making your own print blocks - you could even make letters and words this way.  I will show some of the results soon.

Threads of conversation...

Conversations with my grandmother continue, I love listening to her repeat the stories she tells me.  As I listen I learn them for myself, threads continue, new threads begin, I pick up another strand and discover my grandfather was away for nearly 6 years during the war, that he was based in Iceland for a while - how do I only know this now? "I remember it all" she says.  Making time to keep these records is a valuable time.  Threads become long strings of words from small beginnings....

Something's brewing

I know, there has been a severe lack of blogging recently.  I've been doing a lot of teaching, which always makes me reconsider my own work.  I have been experimenting with a lot of printing techniques with my students, using polystyrene sheets, cheap erasers, making our own printing blocks using whatever comes to hand, they (the students) have made some very experimental work.  My work for the MA is moving along, slowly, but here's a hint of what I'm stewing over.....