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Its always lovely to see whether my workshops have encouraged people to move on with their work or try out a new technique and I discovered Marian Hall's blog today talking about the workshop I did down in Hertfordshire last month, you can take a look here and also see some of the lovey things Marian creates.

North Yorkshire Open Studios

I feel very fortunate to have been asked to take part in an exhibition that is part of the North Yorkshire Studio Event this year.  The exhibition will be based at the Wood End Gallery in Scarborough, alongside other artists, the work is based on Memories and will feature some of the work that I have developed since studying for my MA.  So if you are planning a day out at the seaside - perhaps you might like to call in and see the work.  The exhibition is on from 9th to the 17th June.

You can find out more about the gallery here Wood End Gallery, Scarborough.

Magnificent Stitches

The Embroiderers' Guild are currently holding an exhibition The Guildford House Gallery called Magnificent Stitches featuring many textile artists work such as Audrey Walker and Annette Collinge - and I also have a piece of work there as last years Embroiderers' Guild Scholar.  Follow the link above to find out more - runs until the 16th June.


The lovely Sue Bulmer has been doing a great series featuring artists sketchbooks on her blog, so imagine my delight when she asked me if I wanted to take part!  You can find her blog here which is full not only of great information, but also features Sue's lovely illustrations.

Hertfordshire Hosts

Spent a lovely weekend last weekend down in Hertfordshire with the Embroiderers' Guild Branch, a talk followed by a scrummy dinner, provided by the members.  Such a lovely idea to all sit and eat together.  The next day was a workshop for some of the members, some drawing exercises and stitching - more lovely food - more stitching and a drive home.  Met some lovely people, including Gina Ferrari who put me up for the night - a very big thank you - see her blog here and her thoughts on the workshop.

Radio Waves

Not been able to get into the studio as much as I would like recently, but I have been interviewed on our local radio station - Two Valleys Radio and you can listen to me talking about how I got into art here Two Valleys Radio Art to Art